upcoming post // real life role models

upcoming post // real life role models

I’m starting a new series on my blog about real life role models. Too often, media prefers to highlight celebrities and reality TV stars based on the amount of drama they create. Sex tapes land people on the cover of Vogue, lyrics about drugs and “big booty bitches” make a good song for radio, and wealth hoarders are celebrated for their perceived “success.”

Kids grow up looking up to these people because they are constantly plastered on every magazine, television, and radio that they are exposed to often on a daily basis. I have a problem with that. A lot of people have problems with it, in fact. There’s been an increasing movement due to the voice of the public’s newish access to platforms that allow them to share their voices in a way that makes them accessible to the world, which is what I hope to do!

This series will celebrate real life role models. This can mean a lot of things. These role models can be someone I’ve met, small business owners, the people who raised me, bands with integrity, anyone really. My first post will feature the men of Memphis May Fire. This bands rocks, and their new album dropping today pushed me to get started with this series. If you’re interested, check back tomorrow!

Image from Rise Records Artist Page.


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